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Nuage de mots - Spiritualité

……or lack of in a Sociopath.

We have already established that Narcissist &Sociopaths have little or no conscience. And all the other personality disorder traits we can attach to them. With this lack of empathy, conscience, guilt, etc. they are basically Cardboard Cutouts, Puppets, Empty people inside.

Is this emptiness due to a lack of Spirituality and/or Faith? A Sociopath will ‘blame’ their behaviour on their childhood (most will tell us how tragic their childhood was {usually a lie}), or by someone treating them horribly wrong (usually an ex, or boss {again, another lie}). Some will tell us how they never had a religious foundation as a young person. However, none of them will admit they have a serious mental illness, and therefore they are hollow inside and very one dimensional, lacking in any Spirituality.

Sociopaths lack comprehension outside of the five senses. They are incapable of soul-searching or self-sacrificing. Does this automatically label them with no spirituality or faith? Not necessarily, however in the presence of other’s {or certain social situations}, they can put on a show of ’empathy’ or ‘concern’,  or altruism for purposes of social manipulation. They can turn the tears on to elicit sympathy. They will do something nice or say something kind in a social setting solely to guilt trip us later. This is a person missing a higher component, a SPIRIT .

Our Spirit is the core of our individualism. If you notice, a Sociopath mimics us, they display learned behaviour {which get’s them what they need and/or want; personal gain]. Our spirit  also represents our true self. It accumulates life experiences and spiritual wisdom. Some of us also believe it survives physical death and transcends with us. Sociopaths have no Spirituality….. they have no self-awareness, individuality, wisdom in the true sense, empathy, creative intelligence, or conscience. Spiritual life lessons have no purpose to a Sociopath.

Some Sociopaths lack any connection to a specific faith~they try and tell us we are ‘brainwashed’ by the church. A Sociopath can display a behaviour as a person with values, spirituality, faith. However, because this is a ‘display’ of behaviour, there is no real foundation of their supposed belief’s. You may have a deep belief in your Christian Faith,  that can be used against you. Most Sociopaths believe they are without sin~ and most all Sociopaths believe in Karma (in a bad sense), as apposed to having a belief in a higher being.

True Sociopaths cannot be ‘cured’ because something is fundamentally flawed at their core. Because they lack empathy and remorse altogether, these qualities cannot be recovered because they were never there to begin with in the first place. In most cases they have never been able to understand Spirituality.


4 Responses to “Spirituality”

  1. thenarcissistwrites

    I do have a serious mental illness but it has nothing to do with my lack of spirituality. There are plenty of non-narcissists, truly compassionate people, with excellent upbringings that aren’t spiritual.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tela

      Thank you for your comment. And you are correct, as far as the non-narcissist. As you see by the post, I stated ‘most’, not ‘all’. Thank you again for your comment.



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