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A Victims Traits

…. These are a few personality traits that  persons with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Sociopaths are attracted to. Followed by traits after being involved with these people. These are not solely the type of people they target, as their ruthlessness knows no boundaries. You do not necessarily need to have any of these traits to become entangled with a sociopath, narcissist or psychopath. These are the pre-relationship traits;

  • wanting to please
  • lack of  or low self-esteem
  • nurturing
  • difficulty establishing and sticking to boundaries
  • wanting to be loved; being lonely
  • stability in your career
  • large circle of family & friends
  • wanting to be rescued from your life situation
  • accepting a persons bad characteristics & thinking you can change them
  • easily influenced by other’s
  • independent, yet wanting a partner
  • wanting to have an affair

These traits above can describe just about anyone on the planet. There is something with one or more of these that a narcissist, sociopath latches onto. They recognize these traits and then use them as a manipulation tool, for personal gain, control and eventually destruction. A narcissist sociopath wants to pick you apart, alienate you from your life as you knew it, and emotionally destroy you so that they feel a sense of success! Yes, it is a very, sick, twisted mindset they operate in. You have probably encountered a sociopath or narcissist over your lifetime, and you were not at a place either professionally or personally where you needed to further any contact with them. It is when you are at a point in life where your ready for a relationship, or your career places you at the hands of these people who you become of victim of theirs.

These are the traits post relationship;

  • emotional paralysis ~
  • loss of energy, enthusiasm for life ~
  • lack of motivation in your career ~
  • alienation from family & friends ~
  • panic attacks ~
  • zero trust in everyone ~ 
  • anxiety ~
  • depression ~
  • thoughts of suicide ~
  • a complete sense of loss of self-worth ~
  • indirect homicide {causing such emotional/mental distress a person ends their life} ~
  • PTSD ~
  • constant state of confusion, unable to focus or make future plans

and so many other characteristic traits that happen to you after being involved with a narcissist and sociopath. While they have sailed on in life, yours is left in tatters. I always say, write things down, write them on paper so you have something tangible to hold onto and start un-doing the damage. Bit by bit you were torn apart, like tiny shreds of paper. And bit by bit you will have to tape, glue and staple yourself back together again. You may need intense therapy, and/or medications.

But only YOU can do that! And the first step is…..stopping the rips being done, get away from the person abusing and ripping you to shreds. Yes, easier said than done, but if there is a will, there is a way and have faith! Most importantly, Have Faith In You ❤

 “One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” 

michael j. fox


20 Responses to “A Victims Traits”

    • Tela

      Angelarun, I waited 2 days to post your comment, as I know myself (and most of my readers), will all agree your statement is very untrue! I personally take offense to it. Apparently you have limited or no knowledge of being abused by a Sociopath. I will suggest you educate yourself in the future {on whatever topic} you comment on. This site is not for people who are self-serving {such as yourself}. This site is for people who’s live’s have been seriously affected by a Narcissistic Sociopath. Because I truly believe we all have a voice, I went ahead and approved your comment, even though you have zero basis for it.


    • Tela

      As you see by the post, this is what happens after being involved with a narcissist/sociopath. I hope you are able to identify and work through your PTSD issues.


  1. secretangel

    This is an awesome post. I felt that you were describing me but I know that it describes so many of us who have been broken by these narcissistic abusers. Thanks for posting this.


      • Sunshine

        I just hate the PTSD…it’s hard getting back to a “normal” life..whatever that means now…thanks for your insight girl! Have any more tips for me? 🙂


      • Tela

        I agree, to the ‘normal’ and whatever that is. I call it the NEW normal. And yes, I will have many more tips in upcoming post! Keep that beautiful head up!


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