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Fucked Up Relationships

This was a search term used to find my blog. I had to laugh as how many times did you call your relationship with a sociopath ‘fucked up’?

Everything about them and the relationship is fucked up and dysfunctional. From the moment you meet and the almost instantaneous attraction to their {i will italicize these for sarcasm purposes} charm, wit, knowledge, compassion, goals, sexuality, and honesty, that you will learn to realize is nothing but one big, huge fake persona.

Why do we get involved with Narcissistic Sociopaths? What is it that keeps you attached to them? Or keeps you leaving, going back, leaving, going back again… They have such an ability to lay blame on you and instill guilt in you for all the failures  in the relationship. So you want to ‘prove’ to them that the dysfunction of the relationship is because they are the one with the real issue. And because a sociopath will rarely, if ever, accept blame, your wasting your time trying to ‘prove’ anything to them.

Here are a couple of more search terms used to find my blog, it is truly sad what sociopaths do, and all the while accepting zero accountability, zero blame, and limited or zero sympathy to your feelings. I am spelling these exactly how they were entered into the search and following up with my own comment:

  • sociopathic won’t answer questions ~ no big surprise there!!
  • can a sociopath be self aware ~ self aware of what? That they are indeed fucked up? No, they will never be ‘self-aware
  • sociopath lie about cancer ~ there are too numerous cases where sociopaths claim terminal illness etc. only to be another huge lie about themselves. 
  • sociopaths who blame wives ~ they blame wives, they blame innocent people for their goldfish dying at age 9 😮 , they blame everyone for each and every failure they perceive in their lives. They take no accountability! 
  • sociopath narcissist “we would still be together” ~ ahhhh yes, the ‘poor me i still love you, please come back’ this is the guilt they try and instill…. uggg 😈 as though you would leave because the relationship was WONDERFUL???!!!
  • sociopath chaos ~  I love this one as I wrote a specific post about confusion and chaos 
  • how to stop the sociopath smear campaign ~ again, i wrote a specific post about this
  • i am being terrorized by a sociopath ~ I’m not sure what this person’s definition of ‘terrorized’ is, but yeah, another great way to describe your life with and after a sociopath 😥
  • sociopath ends relationship but send flowers and text messages ~and they will continue as long as you keep contact!
  • sociopath or narcissist,which could rpe their wife ~ I am assuming this person was using the word ‘rape’ in their search. This is something for another post and is a very, very delicate topic to write about. Absolutely heartbreaking that someone used this search term as that is probably happening to them. 😡

I will post more search terms another day. I hope by finding my blog it helped to answer some of your questions.


16 Responses to “Fucked Up Relationships”

  1. marilynmunrow

    I found your blog by accident the first time, now i know how to find you, i am always here. You are an amazing blogger. Please carry on the good work sugar.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. armyofangels2013

    Loving the break from post-abuse trauma… In my initial searches, I also found the “heartless bitches” site…. As for the future of a “rape” post-I’m there…..breaking the silence with tons of support…the time will come when the story transforms into written word…


  3. Sunshine

    LOL Amazing how all those search terms are..well, good descriptions?! Funny and sad post…know what I mean..

    Liked by 1 person


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