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The Octagon Sociopath

Most Sociopaths are octagons in their conning/manipulative behaviour. They have 8 sides to their personality, and this is what makes up their Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde behaviour. This basically follows the traits of a Narcissistic Sociopath, Psychopath.



  • Charming Side~ we know how over the top with charm they can be.
  • Friendly Side~ especially when trying to have people side against you. Did he turn your friends against you? Family? Kids?Even though most Sociopaths do not have life long close friends, they have the ability to be extremely friendly when needing something from someone.
  • Intellectual Side~ they appear to know everything about everything {remember, you were never right}
  • Professional Side~ this so they can obtain whatever it is they are wanting. Be it a new job, a new home or whatever grandiose thing they feel entitled to.  The covetous Sociopath is convinced they have been denied things in life
  • Rageful Side ~ most people do not see this! This rage is directed at you. And very rarely is their rage displayed in public. They feel nothing they do will seem to work out the way it should. I call this a constant state of spin cycle.
  • Mentally Ill Side~ between the rage, verbal assaults, emotional warfare and/or physical attacks this makes up the mentally ill side. Sociopaths who are malevolent can be highly dangerous people. They have no remorse about hurting other people and feel a desire to seek revenge for any perceived insults.
  • Addiction Side~ they can be addicted to drugs, alcohol and even sex addiction. They are also addicted to the life of deceit as this is what feeds their sick minds.
  • Conning/Lying Side~ masters at manipulation at all angles. This can make you co-dependent on your Sociopath  Blaming yourself for the dysfunction or relationship breakdowns is common – you may think you haven’t tried hard enough, are not attractive enough, don’t deserve anything more. This is all due to the lies and the conning done by the Sociopath.


9 Responses to “The Octagon Sociopath”

  1. 18mitzvot

    I think this is the super-scary one: “They have no remorse about hurting other people and feel a desire to seek revenge for any perceived insults.” Sometimes I wish I could wear so many hats: be friendly and charming and a smart businesswoman and have groupies, but there is too much lying to make it work. It’s all fake – but the rage is real.


  2. M.K. Styllinski

    Great way to describy it. I like it. Basically, a eight point plan to extract the optimum amount of energy from their prey: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. All exits covered!

    Liked by 1 person


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