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Crazy Train

How easily the Narcissistic Sociopath can push us to the edge of sanity. Once we get on, it’s so difficult to get off the crazy train.

The sociopath will exploit your weakness, therefore it makes you easier to control. It is, after all, all about control with them.  Dealing with these people is so exhausting that we end up becoming brain dead {not in the literal sense}. Our sense of sanity that we once took for granted, we now search daily for. The Sociopath has hand fed you so many lies, and manipulated your thought process that you fear yourself almost. And that is when are at The Edge Of Sanity. How do we stop ourselves from becoming 50 shades of fucked up? It starts with recognizing who and what you are dealing with. No amount of love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, and so on will stop the  train wreck! When the Sociopath realizes you have now caught on to them, they can easily and swiftly change from abuser to victim.

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. You begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts, promises are lies. The happy moments are just illusions Affairs are ‘accepted’ and ‘justified’ as long as you are not the one having one. Getting close to a narcissistic sociopath, is like sunshine, if you get to much you get burned. There is no easy way off crazy train. You will make multiple stops before you get to the final destination of complete emotional destruction. At this point you find yourself Pushed To The Edge.

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 The relationship with a Sociopath, (narcissistic sociopath) may never end. You may have been discarded, replaced, and made to feel like the biggest piece of shit person on the planet. Sociopaths have a way of doing that to us. But they also are like boomerangs, you may think they are gone, but they always find a way back. Even if it is just to keep ‘tabs’ on you. He may not have physical contact with you, but there may be communication via text, or email. It’s like their train tracks have a wider circle, but still a circle nonetheless around you.

Now it is time to jump off  Crazy Train. Yesterday is derailed, tomorrow is uncertain, but today is a given! Let go of the anger, if even for a minute 😀 . Believe in yourself! Turn around and walk way. Yes! , IT is difficult, sometimes physically painful, and emotionally draining. And at times almost incomprehensible how our lives will go on without them. Because the Sociopath was both wonderful, and horrible at the same time, this causes confusion. Healing will start to happen when you stop being their victim. Healing will also start to happen when you walk away from the Edge of Sanity and not let your ‘happy memories’ shadow your new road. Remember, the Sociopath had an agenda that started with kindness~ seduction~assessment~ mimicking~ devalue~ smear campaign~ he was the conductor of  the crazy train you blindly step aboard.
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11 Responses to “Crazy Train”

  1. StrongerSoulSurvivor

    “No amount of love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, and so on will stop the train wreck!” So true. I know this from bitter experience. Still, I kept hanging on for just one more stop :(. Since, I’ve ditched the crazy train and torn up my ticket. I’m never getting back on!


    • Tela

      Thank you @avalancheofthesoul.wordpress.com for the comment (and for the Versitle Blogger Award). I did the same thing, holding on, jumping on and off etc.


  2. Teela Hart

    Once again you nailed it. Your blog speaks volumes to me and I appreciate it more than you know.
    “When the Sociopath realizes you have now caught on to them, they can easily and swiftly change from abuser to victim.” This statement could not be truer of my ex. He continues to claim he is the victim, that I am to blame for all his woes even though his woes started way before I came into the picture. However, when we met, his woes were due to some other poor suspecting victim.
    Great post.


    • Tela

      Of course it is easier to blame you for all his woes. You know they will never, ever, ever take accountability. I have found myself on the swing of abuser to victim so many times. Thank you for the comment! Your a wonderful Sister Survivor! Love & Hugs to you~


      • Teela Hart

        Love and Hugs right back Sister Survivor…..I’m so glad we found each other.
        I don’t know what I’d w’thout ya!!!


  3. Janna's LifeDay

    I say this with absolutely NO exaggerations: you nailed it! I read this while sitting in my doc’s waiting room. Apparently my jaw dropped as the nurse gave me a hard time about it.

    Anyway…..There is one phrase or line that slapped me hard, I am as of yet unsure why. This phrase is the line mentioning there is a subtle difference between “holding a hand and chaining a soul” That is beautiful!

    And I agree – relationships with a Narcissistic punk is comparable to physical, psychological, verbal and emotional addictions. When my ex went to prison I was emotionally hurting but also physically sick, pained. For months. Over time this pain faded as any addiction will. And it got better. After time. He stills call a collect from prison after over a year in prison. He only contacts me when he needs something. I was always the good ole dependable Janna who existed for his use. Was. I am no more. I don’t wish any bad will on him which is how I know I am over him. And it feels empowering to reject his calls.


    • Tela

      Thank you Janna for your comment. I laughed at the “Narcissistic Punk” 🙂 And I agree how empowering it does feel to reject his calls, have him blocked on iMessage and so on



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