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Wine And Voodoo Dolls

‘Keep Your Head Up Gorgeous, he isn’t worth your time or tears. You were happy once without him, You can be happy again’.

20140304-104857.jpgOn this site: http://www.sociopathlife.com I have posted everything from traits of a Sociopath, Narcissist, Psychopath, to everything in between, and finally the discard and healing.

For this post, I want to share with you something different (for a change). Although still related to the very real life spent with my Narcissistic Sociopath. I am beyond blessed with so much in my life. Yes, I am even blessed to have spent time in the Hell Of Crazy with my Sociopath. Blessed you ask? Yes! For he taught me what true perseverance is (he questioned my faith ‘calling me a convenient Christian), so I persevered through that, because there is only one judge for me, and that is My Lord. He called me every vile and viscous name he could spew out of his mouth, so I persevered through that loving who I am. He placed fear in me , and I am persevering through that fear, I have learned not to fear, fear!  Because of him, not in spite of, I know who and what i want for a mate in my life. I am blessed beyond measure with a large, very close knit family. I am blessed with a fabulous career which provides financial security for myself. And then I am extremely blessed with a group of lifelong girlfriends. We grew up together, we have all been there for the marriages, kids, divorces, boyfriends, break-ups/ make-ups, and break-up’s again etc! And our friendship has persevered through it all.

So when I began my spiral down to hell and climbing my way back out, my friends were there! Yes, they got sick of hearing me cry about the Sociopath, they even stopped  attending my Pity Parties 🙂 , meaning they wouldn’t tell me what i wanted to hear, they told me what i needed to hear. And that was like a kick in the ass! I’m thinking “how can you be so mean and hateful, can’t you see I’m destroyed?”…Ha~no! I wasn’t, I just thought I was. I was so caught up in the spin cycle of the Sociopath, with no direction forwards or backwards, that I could not see the life in front of me. So with all of that being said (and done) my girlfriends had an “intervention” for me. And this consisted of Wine And Voodoo Doll’s. 

We all got together one Friday evening and set out to make a Voodoo Doll. This way we can prick the Bastard’s that have done us wrong. With the wine flowing, and a litany of words we called these Doll’s in the making, this turned out to be exactly what I needed!! Even though I could physically “see”  my Narcissistic Sociopath, I could not “SEE”  what he was doing to me. So my voodoo doll represents his physical being and all the psychological warfare he did to me. Here is a picture


Yes, I know! These look more like Gingerbread men than Voodoo Doll’s. But don’t worry, I prick the shit out of mine regularly!! 🙂

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13 Responses to “Wine And Voodoo Dolls”

  1. hbleau

    My friends got tired of it too and started being extremely harsh. My best friend said to me not too long ago that she thought I just didn’t listen to her because she was married and I thought she just didn’t understand what being single is like. I said no, I just tried telling other people all my stories to get someone to try to validate these incidents were “normal” but everyone said the same thing – this is not right.


    • Tela

      thank you @blondie1038.wordpress.com for your comment. I don’t think any aspect of a relationship with a Sociopath is ‘normal’! It is daily dysfunction.


  2. FireWalker

    I happen to believe the LOL thing is a bit over used because if people were really lol-ing that much every one would think they were nuts! But Tela, I truly did LOL on this one!!! Great post, love it!!! 😀


  3. eoftheu2014

    Tela, you have outdone yourself here. It is awesome. I love the voodoo dolls (and, of course, the wine). In my dark days, I used to drink a bottle of moscato, call a sister friend on the phone with dreams of kicking in the narcissist door! Of course I never did, but the vision was wonderful!

    One thing you and I have in common (that may have even saved us both) is the girlfriends. Those sisters who are unmoveable forces and will take on the Mythological Titans if need be. Best!


    • Tela

      Thank you @eoftheu2014.wordpress.com!!! My girlfriends were and still are a life saver. I still OCCASIONALLY get down. And like i said, they no longer attend my pity parties, and they are no fun alone!! LOL 🙂



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