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Success Story?

I read a piece about leaving a sociopath narcissist and at the end the author put ‘do you have any comments or suggestions to help this particular person out of the relationship and have her own ‘success story? Is it really ‘success’ when we are able to ESCAPE the psychological hell???? I could never say ‘oh look I’m a ‘success’ story for getting away from my Narcissistic sociopath! I have permanent emotional scars! Nothing ‘successful’ about that!
What about innocent children who are mentally & emotionally abused during their childhood, and carry this abuse their entire lives! Would we call these children success stories?
There are so many, many women (&children) that are emotionally imprisioned by a sociopath and/or, narcissist. And all of us at one time or another thought ‘let me just give the relationship a little more time it will get better’. And as we know so well, it NEVER gets better. Because of the never ending mind masturbation done to us by sociopaths and narcissist, we become so emotionally attached! And mentally exhausted. With this emotional attachément, you are left, daily, in a state of limbo. Your life does not move forward- it’s just a continual spin cycle of crazy. Sure, there are good days with your sociopath and/or Narcissist, there are probably even great days! But in mentally healthy & mutual respectful relationships, these good & great days happen on a consistent basis. Not only when your Sociopath,narcissist, feels he is loosing control over you and needs to fake being nice & caring. Or you threaten to end the relationship and they are not ready to give you up.
We have all experienced the FEAR of leaving an abusive, UNhealthy relationship with a sociopath or narcissist. When you know you ‘need’ to get away, you just don’t know ‘how’ to do it. We have such mixed emotions and it always seems the ‘maybe he will change’, or ‘I have nowhere to go’,emotions win out.
But you do have options! Staying because of the children, or no career only continues the abusive cycle. (I will have a post later about leaving with children involved). There are community services for abused women & children. There are half-way houses. You may feel like you lost your dignity by reaching out to these places, but let’s face it, how much dignity do you have being continually abused? Reach out for help! Reach out for support!

A Life Which Does Not Go Into Action Is A Failure

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8 Responses to “Success Story?”

  1. mb

    I will be a success when I make back all the money he got me for and when people start believing me about the terrible things he did to me.


    • Tela

      MB, I’m not sure I understand about ‘getting all the money back…”. As far as people believing you? I can only imagine what kind of smear campaign this person has done to you and your reputation. Please don’t wake up everyday feeling like you need to vindicate yourself. Unless someone has personally been involved with a Sociopath, they will never, ever truly understand what you have and are going through. So instead of the vindication, do the opposite, continue your life as it was PRIOR to the Sociopath. If you lost friends because of the ex, so be it. Today is a new day, start fresh. I wish I knew a little more about your story so I could offer some more suggestions. But the first place to start today is No Contact. 😀


  2. karenthom2014

    Hello, to say the least when I realise who I was with I felt sick all the time so I stopped eating so that there was nothing to sick up. It was that bad.


  3. aryndblog

    I feel that survived is great yet for me it’s more like being in ‘recovery’. Just like those in AA who are a recovering alcoholic I place myself into the recovering category.


  4. betternotbroken

    Your blog has offered much information that has been helpful, I am sorry you have scars. However, with this post you lost me. I would like to be a “success” and I would like to triumph and salvage the remainder of my life without devoting any more of it to the pain that the sociopath and other disordered persons has caused me. I feel I am a success for leaving an abusive relationship. I wish you all the best.


    • Tela

      I use the word ‘survivor’…I ‘survived’ emotional & mental abuse. I ‘survived’ self-worth abusive. I ‘survived’ being completely broken down. Thank you for your comment😊


      • betternotbroken

        Survived is accurate, but to me surviving is success especially in my case where my death (or murder) would have left my children motherless and thus truly “parentless” in non-biological sense. Now it is my turn, be kinder with yourself. Your survival is a miraculous thing and to me and others, a success, have a wonderful day. When you look in the mirror, don’t see the scars, see the beautiful lady in your gravatar.


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