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Wash ~ Rinse ~ Repeat

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

How many times have you tried to walk away from your Sociopath? And for whatever reason(s), you go back and they tell you just one more time and lie like they always do. You know it well! You wash and rinse your hands of them, and somehow you repeat the cycle.

Because you have been repeatedly emotionally and mentally abused, it is time to wash, rinse and NO REPEAT. Now that you are aware of what the cycle of their behaviour and lack of connection to you is, you need to put together a plan of dissolving the relationship. {*note: this plan is for those who’s Sociopath’s have not left them in the dust  ). Because Sociopath’s and/or Narcissistic Sociopath’s need to have complete control the break-up needs to be “THEIR CHOICE”.  If there is anyway you can become passive-aggressive, and make it ‘appear’ to the Sociopath that there is nothing left to give, he may choose to end it. Try and have limited contact if the no contact is impossible. With this limited contact be as boring and monotone as you can be. Sociopath’s love drama as they create so much of it. Do not give them any fuel for the drama, boring, boring, boring is best! This mean’s do not reply to text messages and/or emails. And if you do not have the willpower not to reply, then be boring, vague and disinterested.

Sociopath’s are addicted to power, power equals control. If your Sociopath has access to your home, rule number one change the locks! It amazes me how many people think that once the Sociopath, Narcissist leaves the home they will not be back. WRONG! The only time they won’t be back is when they are completely done sucking the last bit out of you and some unlucky person has taken your place. Change your garage and/or gate opener. If you live in a flat or apartment, same thing~change the locks. You need to take back the control of your life! If you have online social site’s, or dating profiles, change the passwords. If you have the ability, block him on your phone! Basically put him in his own emotional prison and get out of yours! I know this all sounds simple and you would think most people would do these things. However, some do not. And it takes a huge amount of self-discipline. You cannot do these things on the short term! Put them in place and stick with it!!! Sociopath and Narcissist people are relentless! 

Sociopath’s, Psychopaths & Narcissist are your worst enemies besides the fact of the emotional and mental chaos they have done. You have shared your fears, insecurities, skeletons in your closet, everything with them. So instead of filling your head with ‘if he would just change, if he could only understand how much i love him, if i’m just more patient with him, if i just let him do what he needs he will be back. IF, IF, IF!!! Replace those’s ‘IF’s” with ‘he won’t’. He won’t change, he won’t know how much you love him and so on. Start repeating to yourself, I am better off without him. I can love ME, I need to be patient with ME! Start turning all those thoughts you have about the Sociopath, Psychopath and Narcissist around, and start thinking about your want’s, needs and desires. Minus the Sociopath! By Wash ~ Rinse ~ Repeat you are becoming exactly what Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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8 Responses to “Wash ~ Rinse ~ Repeat”

    • Tela

      Well apparently James, you, yourself have never been a victim of a Sociopath, or Psychopath and/or Narcissist. A restraining order can be in place however quote ‘the person has to be in direct violation of it’ meaning unless you have the police at your home 24/7 that restraining order is pointless. And…it does not ‘protect’ you from MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE. and the abuse happens from every angle the Sociopath can get at you. Email, text, children, friends- whoever he can manipulate with his twisted mind. So I’m not quite sure I could call 9-1-1 about an email that calls me any and every vile name known to man! And that, is only a small small small example.


      • Denice

        Actually I did get restraining order on sociopath! He sit all glib in court. Dressed to the nine, with expensive wool overcoat I had brought. He lied over and over. Repeated I am a preacher several times. Tried to make me look unstable. Apparentally he had thought the grass greener on the other side. Then decided he wanted both sides. He actually told me I was coming back, willingly or unwillingly. That is when I knew I needed a restraining order. He had never been in trouble with the law. He had the judge believing him. Lie after lie with actor precision grammy award acting. I had prayed up. And told the incredible awful truth about his behavior, and sought after modern slavery of my life. The devil lost that day! I won the restraining order. I know it cause him a lot of pain. His image lawfully tarnished by evident of abuse filed on paper.His angle was the good preacher vs the terrible Eves of this world. But he finally messed with the wrong Eve. I praise God for my victory in that courtroom, and will forever! Some will react to a restraining order, and some won’t. But most do not believe victim is strong enough to do it. I am healing, and a survivor of one of the worst sociopath ever crawled from under the rock he was born under. And breathed his first vile breath.


      • Tela

        Thank you Denice for you comment! Praise God for the surviving the horrific abuse and the court for seeing through his lies! Many blessings to you for you on your continued path to healing! ❤


  1. Teela Hart

    So true. Wash-rinse- and maybe they’ll shrink in the process. lol
    Seriously it’s hard to think of ME when all you’ve done is think of THEM. But it can be done and I’m so glad I did.



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