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Sociopath And Privacy

Privacy online

Sociopaths and Narcissist are experts at hiding their true identities.  And because they are in a constant state of perpetual motion of keeping the ‘supply source’ going, they take advantage of every available avenue.

Some of these people will have online dating sites, other’s become involved with one (or more) people at work, still other’s can be out in any type of social setting to meet their next victim.  And there are other’s that use social media, ie: Facebook, SnapChat etc. The supply source is endless for people with  Antisocial Personality Disorder’s.

Since a sociopath  will have one or more of the above, there is a great need for privacy. So as to make sure we do not suspect, that they do in fact have one or more victim’s, they will go to great length’s to keep us in the dark. They will change their password’s constantly. Their cell phone will be like an extension permanently attached to their hand. They will be so convincing  in their lies about who was on the phone (*note, they seem to have a lot of ‘nobody’s’ that call 🙂  Some have their bank cards replaced {as theirs is unusually compromised, frequently!!} They will rarely, if ever, leave their wallets far from their side.  Once you figure out how extremely private the Sociopath is with his/her life, and you start to ask questions, they will try and instill paranoia in you. 

This paranoia is done on a multi-level fashion. It may start out if you asked ‘I saw an email from a dating site’, their response could be: “oh, that wasn’t for me, it must have been sent by mistake. Or, “Don’t be silly, you know I don’t go on those sites”. Then if you question further the next level of paranoia is directed at you:

  • accusing you of being deceiving and/or lying
  • lying directly to you, and when you question that lie, they then turn it around to ‘why are you questioning ME’, acting the victim then.
  • telling you ‘all his friends and family’ think your crazy
  • making cutting remarks about ‘YOUR’ paranoia. 
  • they will make you feel like ‘everyone’ is on his side
  • they will blame an open web page on a friend and ask ‘why are you accusing me’? When in all reality you probably just asked and not accused. 

Once the Sociopath thinks they have set the paranoia in you, they then carry on with their outside supply source. Since they are aware that you might be on to them, they will go to even greater lengths to be private. The cell phone now may be on silent all the time , if they have a laptop or iPad chances are it won’t be brought into the home anymore. They will be even more vague about their whereabouts, and if asked, once again that will be turned around on you as if YOU have something to hide.  Remember, their privacy is of utmost importance to them, as Sociopaths fear being exposed.

While you may want to question them over and over about the above, chances are, you will never get a direct and honest answer. I equate this to being one step ahead of the Sociopath. Do your homework! If you find them on a dating site, print the information and confront ask directly! Chance are most likely they will  deny it was them. Or give you a litany of lies excuses as to why they are on there to begin with {usually blaming you for one}. The best way to deal with Sociopaths and Privacy is to realize, you will never be privy to their other supply source. You have already established they are a liar. And by digging more, it will end up making you fall further into their spinning world of bullshit.


17 Responses to “Sociopath And Privacy”

  1. Torn 2 Peaces

    So true! Where was this blog 15 years ago??? ;0) I remember coming across things from time to time by pure accident, & then questioning my husband at the time. He accused me of sneaking around and being untrustworthy. He still works hard to keep those he knows from being around each other. For example, he kept his 5th wife from his mom as well as me during our daughter’s recitals, etc. He also worked to turn me and his real estate agents who worked at his company against each other by assigning blame, etc. I NEVER even thought that this was a game to hide info or maintain control and be the favorite. I was in confusion because I was so busy trying to fix what he said was wrong with me. I wanted the man I thought I married back, & I had NO idea it was all a façade — I truly believed I was the problem. Thank you for a blog that helps others avoid this misperception.

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  2. Sas Kia

    When my relationship with a sociopath ended I was emotional drained and so lost .It broke my heart every time I looked at myself in the mirror, but didn’t reconaised the person I saw.Left with so many questions, no ansewers and no support from people around me.And I knew the thruth, I saw the thruth and confronted him with it, but it always wasn’t so and it always was me and never him.
    When I finally was away from him I’ve never tought ‘the aftermath’ would be such a challenge.I really want to thank you and everebody who shares their story about this, because it really does help on road to recovery!


    • Tela

      I’m so sorry you have endured the mental & emotional hell with a sociopath. There will always be questions & like you said, no answers. Just learn to love yourself again, one day at a time. Thank you for reading this post & for your comment,


  3. SWIM

    Personally I am incredibly private. My phone is never out of sight and I will never be forthcoming with information of any kind. I value my privacy far too much


    • Tela

      Thank you SWIM for your comment….I think everyone values their privacy and some more than other’s. I personally believe Sociopath’s value not only their privacy, for ‘privacy’ reasons, but because there is also a different agenda going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of. And once again, I value your comment’s especially since you are the RARE admitted sociopath. So Thank you! 🙂


  4. afterthepsychopath

    I never had another man being private the psychopath way before. Just my ex-psychopath. I simply think normal couples share “everything” (or most things, anyway) and it isn’t even questioned. We just share with our partners, cause we want to share everything. Joys, sorrows, plans, ideas, thoughts, forces… We want a life together and we try to grow together. But the psychopath is different. He has “privacy” and will be very protective of it, cause he never wants to share. He wants it all for himself. And he doesn’t really intend to stay and grow together either. He’s growing on you, not with you.

    I wish I had gotten all of that sooner. I did sense it on some deep level, while still with my ex-P, but I didn’t know what it meant until it was too late. I thought he would give back “later”. That the hell I went through for him was just a phase and that he needed to strengthen himself, and then later, he’d give back to me. A bit like how normal couples behave, one is strong for the other and vice versa, whenever needed. I was wrong. When I was completely drained of forces, he just left.

    It will be on my list of signs, the privacy thing, when I make one. It is in the making, but will probably not be published for some time yet.


    • Tela

      Thank you, Kristina for your post. I think we can all say ‘we wish we knew sooner’…we didn’t, but going forward we know now! 🙂


  5. Tela

    Great point! The more we can get this information out in cyber-space etc….hopefully we can prevent another innocent person by becoming a ‘survivor’ of these monstrous, hollow people.


    • Tela

      Thank you @myjourney2thetruth.wordpress.com for your comment. It always amazes me how far the Sociopath, Narcissist go to protect THEIR privacy, all the while wanting us completely transparent!! 🙂


      • Santa Cruz Housing

        Right !
        This is really scary but as much as people will know about it the more chances they will know how to identify these monsters . this topic should be discussed more than it is . i find out that lots of people don’t even know what sociopath is


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