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Happy Valentines Day


Valentines Day, the day of beautiful unconditional Love.
While we know with a Sociopath the word ‘unconditional’ is not in their vocabulary, WE can love unconditionally. On this Day, take the time to look around and see how much we are loved! Be it family, close friends, or your pet’s. And most importantly Feel God’s love.
When we are so caught up in a sociopaths crazy delusional life, it’s hard to feel anything, especially love! Each day is a constant struggle to maintain your sanity! But each day we recognize what is happening and know it is not our fault , is one day closer to healing!
Happy Valentines to all the victims and survivors of any kind of abuse! You are loved!

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2 Responses to “Happy Valentines Day”

  1. John

    I just wanted to share tonight. Because I am in a safe place in my life. And I want to vent what I encountered during my six year marriage to my XB. A red flag that I ignored early on in the relationship, was that my XB did not like it when I brought home a dozen roses, or a mixed bouquet. She requested that I bring home a flowery shrub that I would have to plant in the ground. In fact it got so bad in our marriage. That I stopped bringing home roses or a mixed bouquet. Because it always led to major arguments! It also forced her to show some love and affection towards me. This April 2015 our divorce will be finalized. Even though I have been through hell with my XB. Down deep in my soul. I still know that any other woman would love me, and show her appreciation in many forms. That I thought about her. And got her a dozen roses, even when it is not Valentine’s Day. To all of the women reading this thread. Do you still love a dozen roses or a mixed bouquet? When they show up unexpectedly. Especially from someone who is sincere and genuine? To all of the single women home tonight. May you have a blessed Valentine’s Day as well.


  2. Denice

    Valentine’s Day was a esspecially faked out day for my xsocio. I sensed he did not like anything about the holiday. He would fake with a card and candy. And with a card not signed. Who does that? He was sad, and a certain sweet mean on that day. Teasing and tainting. Elevating, and devaluing. As if he is a yo yo. It seems they use the day to their advantage. Because they know we are looking to be treated nicely. And sociopaths sieze this holiday to get more out of you. Or devalue you more. And he knows it hurts to be toyed with on this day even more. Or he can get something out of you he has been wanting. By going all the way out to deceive you about his love for you. I imagine he laughs to himself as he goes though the motions. And thinks, I deserve these flowers more than she. I am everything. She? Nothing.



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