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Seduction~Stage 2……


There is an art to seduction……and a sociopath uses manipulation to achieve this. They have already progressed the relationship quickly! And between Seduction Stage~1 and Stage~2, the mask will slip, and you will start catching them in lies, wintessing a different persona, and questioning who is this person becoming. This is when Seduction Stage~2 takes place

While they are masters at verbal communication, they are also master’s at faking love. When you confront the socio about his lies, or something in his past that you discovered, you will see a rapid change in him! Almost instantaneous! Some exhibit the narcissistic rage, some exhibit fiend ‘hurt’ and of course all have the ability to deny their lies. Once this happens, we begin to re-evaluate the relationship, and the socio see’s this happening. They are not ready to discard us, so they start with Seduction~Stage 2.

While Stage~2 is not as ‘whirlwind’ as Stage~1 since they have already succeeded in their original agenda to ‘hook-us’, they will do something different and of course with the same spontaneity as in Stage~1. They will give us a thrill that leads in a different direction. They will start to say things we want to hear, especially denying the lie’s and using phrases like ‘you know how much i love you, why would i lie to you”. They will again use the seductive language, comforting our insecurities (especially about their lie’s and the real person we are starting to see), they will use mind manipulation to try and make us believe their promises. They may also buy little gifts, or make a special meal, or order a case of your favourite wine. They have already established our wants/needs and desires. We have told them our deepest secrets, and they use all of this to create confusion (another topic) anything to please us once again to take our mind off of what is really happening.

Therefore, we tend to question ourselves, *maybe they didn’t really mean to lie, *maybe they just forgot the chain of events, *maybe I misunderstood what they said, *maybe their ex just doesn’t like me so she is actually the one lying, *maybe he is just confused because we are so ‘perfect’ together etc. And once more, we are caught up in the manipuation  seduction of a sociopath. This time with confusion in place.

There Is More To Life Than Simply Increasing It’s Speed” 

Mahatma Gandhi

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3 Responses to “Seduction~Stage 2……”

  1. SWIM

    There are actually many more stages to this particular art and is the practicioner is skilled enough you won’t spot the deceit until he’s long gone…


    • Tela

      Thank you SWIM for your comment. It’s amazing (and sad actually) the amount of effort a sociopath puts into seduction etc. only for personal gain and/or emotional destruction. While those of us who are, non ‘personality disorder’ put the same amount of effort into building a healthly long term relationship.


      • SWIM

        Thanks Tela, it’s not the intention to be destructive, but yes, there is a decent amount of effort involved in seduction. I’m just not really capable of long term monogamy (I’m hugely promiscuous) and it’s fun to date a lot of different women.


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