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I’m Sorry…..


These are two words you will rarely, if ever hear the sociopath say! Why? Because they are never wrong! And if you do hear an apology, it’s most likely they are setting you up for something else.

Sociopath’s work by agenda! They are not capable of the normal feelings of love, shame, guilt, and so on. Therefore, for them to say “I’m sorry” is about as likely as you seeing a Unicorn. The sociopath’s agenda does not include having to say these two words, just like it does not include feelings of remorse or shame. They kind of go hand in hand. If you have been with a sociopath for any length of time, you will pick up on this horrific trait.

How many times have you said something to a friend or relative, and just by their expression you knew your words hurt them? A sociopath picks up on the same facial expressions, however he/she is then getting what they wanted. They want to see us hurt, they want to have total control over our emotions and actions. Remember, they do not feel emotions like we do.  And if on the off chance they feel they are about to loose you, their ‘supply’, you may get a half-hearted apology. And once again, we, the victims of these people are just seeking some ‘validation’. We just want to know that when they continually hurt us, that they will at least say “I’m Sorry” and mean it! 

It is important to realize that the expression of emotions, are a form of non-verbal communication. And as we know so well, sociopath’s are experts are verbal communication. That is how we got sucked into this spinning vortex of crazy in the first place. My crazy, AKA The Sociopath, was the master at verbal ambushing communication. And on the few occasions when he knew I had finally had enough of his shit, he would then turn on the expression of emotions, the fake tears. He could cry on the spot and beg me to ‘forgive’ his words. Really???!!! Forgive him??!!!! Ha~I had never met anyone that asked for forgiveness instead of giving an apology! Just another horrible character trait of the sociopath’s that walk among us!

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6 Responses to “I’m Sorry…..”

  1. realniceguy

    i would almost guarentee that you had abandonment issues growing up most socios just didnt get that normal amount of love and attention neede to mature emotionally like most other people ..my socio told me EXACTLY THAT she said while travelling with her foster parent growing up that she made a conscience choice not to carry any feelings to and from any relationships with her peers because she would not probably ever see them again anyway …THERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM BEGINS…socios just dont have enough to maintain effective LOVE relationships THEY JUST DONT HAVE IT THEY NEVER RECIEVED IT …SO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR DEALING WITH …I RECENTLY REUNITED WITH MY SOCIO AFTER 6 months and guess what she did the same things all over again.. she recently she apologised to me for the way that she had been unecessarily treating me ..and guess what she imediately reverted back to GASLIGHTING.THEY DONT HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE ..ITS HARD BUT YOU CAN ET BETTER ..YOU JUST NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU,VE BEEN THROUGH THE WORST AND BETTER IS JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO GO OUT AND PRESENT YOURSELF ….so get out and enjoy who you are you,ll be very suprised to see so many other people who have natural kind. loving souls who are waiting for your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE …AND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR ….GIVE IT TO THEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN


  2. SWIM

    We totally are capable of feelings, just not to the same extent. You’re working from a biased position and not being objective. Psychopathy is a scale, not a binary condition.


    • Tela

      thank you for your comment SWIM. I don’t believe I am writing from a ‘biased position…..’ I am writing from a FIRST PERSON account of the emotional and mental devastation caused by a sociopath. Speaking in FIRST PERSON, from a person who is 1. not a sociopath 2. does not have any ‘personality disorder’s and 3. is experiencing damaging effects of a sociopath.


      • SWIM

        The words “first person”, “emotional” and “mental devastation” don’t seem to be easily associated with non biased objective writing… I’m not defending the actions of whoever you’re writing about I’m simply pointing out that you can’t apply your experience in one situation to the entire population of sociopaths. It’s tantamount to racism, replace the word sociopath with the word Asian and your post would be deemed fascist in the extreme. Why should sociopaths not have the same rights as everyone else? Maybe this guy was just an asshole and his actions had nothing to do with his “personality disorder”.


      • Tela

        considering my ‘experience’, and the words you seem to pick out of my writings as ‘fascist’, you obviously have missed a very important word on my blog…..SOCIOPATH. therefore, all my writings will relate to this particular ‘topic’ and/or ‘person’. As far as him being just an ‘asshole’, why are there then ‘Sociopath Trait’s, and Sociopath Testing, and Sociopath Behavioral Symptoms etc…? My sociopath is way past the Asshole~ he displays/exhibits/act’s every Sociopath Trait there is.
        Again, thank you for your comments. I respect your opinions.


      • SWIM

        Thanks, I’m not trying to be argumentative or sensationalist I’m just putting forward my point of view. I too exhibit all of these “symptoms” and feel that we get a bad rap sometimes


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