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The Seduction begins…………..

love struck

  • Like any exciting, new relationship starts out, I just knew i had found my ‘prince charming’. Little did i know he was actually a sociopath disguised in a pretty face with a charming personality. I was flattered with the amount of interest ,  assessment he showed in me. All the questions he asked, the genuine concern if there was something he though ‘bothered’ me. Always willing to make laugh, going to extremes to send multiple random text during the day just to say ‘hi’.  He appeared to hold the same values as me, talked about his successful career, how important his 2 daughters are (from 2 different marriages, which i will get to later). He said he loved dogs as much as me (i have 4).  He planned several romantic weekends away, and did things on the spur of the moment. The hotel room would be full of flowers, a picnic basked packed and so on.  And always the same question ‘can i get you anything’, ‘are you ok’ ‘are you happy’. Unbeknownst to me, he was setting ‘the hook’ as i call it. I was so blinded by the onslaught of attention (assesement/seducing/mirroring) that i had no idea what was going on. All i thought was, finally i met the man of my dreams. 
  • i will share my journey from hell. ‘sharing is healing’ and The Lord knows, i have a long road ahead.

10 Responses to “The Seduction begins…………..”

  1. kristalluvdbygod

    I loved the ‘interest’ actually being ‘assessment’. Good observation. My dad actually pointed out to me how my ex had observed me for years before pursuing me.


  2. M.K. Styllinski

    Yes, indeed, that’s what I was inferring – namely, that out socio-political systems have been comprehensively taken over by such people. The only way out from such a mess much be disbursing information as widely as possible.

    Onwards and upwards…


  3. Tela

    M.K. Styllinski~Thank you! And I’m afraid there already may be some of these people in positions of power…..sadly!


  4. M.K. Styllinski

    I wish you well as you heal. Blogs like this are essential in lifting the lid on sociopaths/psychopaths who go about their business with impunity. And can you imagine what it’s like when we have these people in positions of power on the world stage?


  5. H.G. Beverly

    I describe it as a swirling, sparkling smoke that overwhelms your senses and captivates you… and then lingers in the corners long after he’s gone.



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